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Why Ole Miss?

Learn how to think critically about current market trends, challenge mainstream views, and spot opportunity where others only see risk. By combining business, accounting, technology, and statistics through real-world case studies, you will have the skills to pursue a career in corporate finance, asset management, investment banking, or financial planning.

What Will You Learn?

You will spend time in class grappling with real world problems, taking on the daily issues faced by corporate and investment professionals. With case studies and real world data, you will build corporate balance sheets and investment portfolios that weather market downturns and shine during expansions.

What’s Your Career Path?

You will graduate with the skills to pursue a career in:

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Meet our students

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Overcoming adversity, serving his country and providing for family en route to graduation When Jobie Charlie sat down to take...
Christian Evans

A Passion for Property

Christian Evans is a senior, double majoring in finance and real estate from Covington, Louisiana, who will serve as the...
Clay and Jon Taylor

Twin Brothers: Same Majors, Different Goals

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