Price it. Place it. Promote it. Perfect!

Why Ole Miss?

Marketing is a creative, fast-paced industry. Our faculty will help you get inside the mind of prospective customers so you’ll know how to promote, develop, and sell products to them. Remember, without a plan, there is no sale!

What Will You Learn?

Marketing students learn how to research target audiences, develop products for consumer desires, and determine a product’s pricing structure. You’ll learn how to select effective channels to communicate with customers and develop and implement promotional strategies.

You’ll get a solid grounding in:

What Will You Become?

If a company cannot effectively sell its products or services, it simply will cease to exist. Whether through direct sales, advertising or marketing, graduates with a BBA in marketing from Ole Miss are crucial to the success of businesses.

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Meet our students

Eddy Matt1

Matt Eddy: A Person of Action

Matt Eddy, a marketing major at the Ole Miss Business School, recently founded the university’s first Rotaract Club, an offshoot...