Career Development by Year

Year 1: Explore and Connect

Explore the School of Business and connect with others on campus by joining clubs and organizations, and participate in the Welcome Week and Open for Business events.

First year goals:

Take our Business 101 courses:

Begin building the professional competencies that business employers seek:

  • Business knowledge
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Communication skills
  • Critical thinking

Year 2: Set Yourself Apart

We’ll help you build your resume and optimize your online career profiles to make sure that your digital brand is clear and strong. You’ll learn to sharpen speaking skills through mock interviews and to identify student organizations that fit your career interests.

We’ll also help you shape your career goal. Then you can focus on taking steps to work towards it throughout your time at Ole Miss.

Second year goals:

  • Set yourself apart
  • Build a resume
  • Optimize online career profiles
  • Practice interviews
  • Get involved
  • Craft a career goal

Year 3: Focus Your Efforts

During your third year, you’ll focus your efforts on the career that lies ahead. We can connect you with distinguished alumni and professionals in your field to grow your network.

We’ll help you find real-world experience through internships, study abroad programs, and job shadowing—all ways to get a foot in the door of your industry. All of these services can help you position yourself as a leader to potential employers.

Third year goals:

Year 4: Take Action

By now you’ll have all the tools you need to start your career—from a solid academic grounding to a polished presentation. All that’s left is to take action (of course with help from the Career Prep team). We’ll make sure that all the pieces are in place when it comes time to apply for jobs, and we’ll help you connect with experts in your field to gain crucial advice for your future.

You’ll meet with a career advisor who will help you identify your selling points that employers want to see. Finally, we’ll help you through the application process to ensure that your personal brand is in line with what the employer is looking for.

Fourth year goals:

  • Polish your image
  • Consult experts in your field
  • Know your selling points
  • Master your field of study
  • Meet with a career advisor