Q: What is Pre-Advising?

A: The Pre-Advising Form is a tool created specifically for business students in order to save time, engage students in their degree program, and allow interaction with academic advisors electronically.

Q: Why is the Pre-Advising Form required?

A: In addition to getting the advisor hold lifted, completing the Pre-Advising Form will allow students the opportunity to schedule an appointment and meet face-to-face with an academic advisor during peak advising times.

Q: Who can use Pre-Advising?

A: All business students, sophomores through seniors, are able to use the Pre-Advising Form except those students who are on academic suspension or dismissal.

Q: How do I know my Pre-Advising Form was received?

A: Once submitted, you will receive an automated email to your Ole Miss email account showing what classes were submitted.

Q: How will I know if my schedule is approved?

A: You will receive an email once your submission has been approved. This approval email will complete the advising for that term unless you choose to meet with an advisor.

Q: Who will be approving my Pre-Advising Form?

A: Academic advisors in the School of Business Administration Advising Office will review and approve all Pre-Advising Form submissions.

Q: How do I know what courses are being offered?

A: To see course availability, go to MyOleMiss and click on Course Schedule. Select the semester and type in the course(s) or search by department.

Q: Will I be registered in my classes if I use the Pre-Advising Form?

A: No. All students must register for classes through their personalized MyOleMiss portal under Course Registration after all holds are cleared, and their registration window has opened.

Q: How do I schedule an appointment with an Advisor?

A: You can schedule an appointment with an advisor after submitting the Pre-Advising Form by using the appointment schedule link in your submission e-mail.

Q: When can I declare a specialized major within business?

A: You can declare a specialized business major after earning a GPA of 2.25 on all freshman course requirements, Accy 201, Econ 202 or 203, and Bus 271 or Bus 250.