Study Abroad

The School of Business remains committed to offering its students quality international education opportunities. The University Study Abroad Office continues to monitor the global situation and will make decisions on future programs as the situation develops.

Take Your Hotty Toddy on the Road

As the author Roy T. Bennett put it, “Great things don’t come from comfort zones.” If you’re ready to leave yours, to embrace a new country, a new culture and a deeper understanding of how business works on a larger scale, you’re ready to join other Ole Miss business students who have roamed the world.

Employers are often looking for applicants with curiosity, problem-solving skills, confidence, and adaptability—all attributes you’ll develop while studying abroad.

Are you ready to study abroad?

    1. Get your courses approved prior to taking the class to ensure it will count towards degree completion. Send all materials to our Study Abroad Coordinator. The Department Chair of the related subject determines a course’s equivalency.
    2. Check with the Advising Office for final approval (Check out the AACSB and EQUIS Accredited universities and schools, as they are strongly preferred.)
    3. Apply on the Study Abroad website.
    4. Start packing for a fun-filled adventure. Don’t forget your passport!

Summer ProgramsIceland Photo

Reykjavik, Iceland (OPEN)

SESSION: August intersession 2024 (2-11 August 24; Travel begins on 2 August)
10-day study that fulfills the study abroad requirement for a General Business degree or counts as an upper-level business elective for non-general business majors (BUS 380, 3 credit hours)

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Winter Programs

Auckland, New Zealand (CLOSED)

SESSION: December 2023 (8–21 December 2023, Travel begins on 8 December)
COURSE: ~13-day study that fulfills the study abroad requirement for a General Business degree or counts as an upper-level business elective for non-general business majors (BUS 380, 3 credit hours.


Munich, Germany (CLOSED)

SESSION: January Intersession 2024 (~5-13 January; Travel begins on 5 January)
COURSE: 8-day study that fulfills the study abroad requirement for a General Business degree or counts as an upper-level business elective for non-general business majors (BUS 380, 3 credit hours.


What are other students saying about study abroad?

“Munich, Germany study abroad was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Getting to tour and ask questions at businesses in Germany helped me to understand more about what I want to do after college. It opened my eyes to opportunities not only outside of the US, but other things I could look at within my home country and state. Using knowledge from class to see how it works in a real workplace made me appreciate my major so much more. Making friends, sightseeing, and exploring the culture of Germany will forever be something I cherish. I am so thankful I chose to Study Abroad in Munich, Germany with Ole Miss!” ~Munich 2023


“This experience was so awesome and different from any other course I ever have taken it was very interactive and didn’t consist of just sitting in a classroom. I thought that all the speakers who talked with us were so interesting and I learned something different from all of them and these are facts I won’t ever forget!” ~Barcelona 2023


“Overall, the week at Barcelona was probably one of the best experiences that I have had in recent times. Getting to explore and learn about international business proved to be quite amazing. I would recommend this to someone considering a quick study abroad course. My time in Barcelona was amazing, and I really appreciated the opportunity. As I return to Oxford for the Spring Semester, I am a changed man for the better.” ~Barcelona 2023


“I never expected to learn as much as I did, not only in the company meetings but also exploring the landscape and the culture of Iceland. In fact, in reflection, it was one of the most inspiring academic experiences. As a business major, I have taken primarily business focused courses. This program brought the courses to life…Without question this trip was an amazing experience. The opportunity to learn about the inner-workings of the companies gave me a new appreciation for the complexity of operating a business or company.”  ~Iceland 2021


“Going to Iceland and participating in this study abroad trip with International Business Seminars has been one of the most life-changing experiences I have ever done. Everything I experienced on this trip honestly had an impact on me…Overall, I could not have had a better experience on this trip; it was truly amazing.”  ~Iceland 2021


“Thanks to the Study Abroad program I was able to not only learn about the culture, different marketing strategies and techniques, and the economy and politics abroad, but I also got experience it first hand. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone and everyone, because I am living proof that the greatest experiences and lessons are learned passed your comfort zone!”  ~Barcelona 2020


“After this experience, I am going back to school feeling energized and ready to take on the world. I feel like I gained confidence through this experience. I would highly recommend this program to other Ole Miss Business students. This program is the perfect way to explore the world and discover new topics in business.”  ~Dublin 2019


“I learned so much about myself and how much I want to learn more about the world. The learning experience involved in this trip, for me, was something I will cherish forever…I have a wider perspective [of the world now].”  ~Barcelona 2018