Career Exploration

Find yourself. Find your future.

The college experience is meant as a time for exploration, so you’re not expected to have all the answers right now.  However, it’s important that you are moving in a direction to find a career and major that is satisfying to you.

Use the career exploration tools in this section to learn more about yourself and potential major and career options.

Self Assessment Tool

SuperStrong Assessment identifies your interests and matches them up with occupations and majors. The platform integrates various data sets to help students create and understanding of themselves and of their options.

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Access Code: olemiss-career


What can I do with my major?

What Can I Do with My Major is a comprehensive website that provides career pathway information, and job search resources.

The View All Majors tab lets you see a list of 80 majors, outlining common career areas, typical employers that hire students, and strategies to maximize career opportunities.

Need help drilling down to a specific major? The Categories tab explores multiple majors within 11 interest areas.

Explore Occupational Outlooks

The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers valuable economic information on occupational outlooks, career information, career exploration resources, and job search websites.