Financier’s Club

The Financier’s Club provides an opportunity for Finance students to use knowledge from the classroom to manage a real investment portfolio. Each semester, forty student volunteers manage approximately half a million dollars of large-cap equity by designing long-term investment strategies, placing trades and preparing performance reports.

All student fund members are required to follow an industry and deliver buy and sell recommendations during weekly investment selection meetings. More advanced members can also choose to serve on the fund’s asset allocation committee which decides how money is allocated. At the end of each semester, members travel to regional investment conferences to present our fund’s strategy and performance to their peers at other universities.

Connect with executives, employees, and regulators in the financial services industry across the country. Learn what it takes to manage large financial operations in the public and corporate spheres from titans in the industry. Build a camaraderie within a tight group of students, and graduate prepared to take on the world of business.

Ready to get involved?

Contact Dr. Mark Walker or Dr. Scott O’Brien