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Want to Be an Intern? You’re in the Right Place!

Congratulations! You’re taking a positive step for your future by participating in an internship experience. Internships provide you with an opportunity for both personal and professional growth, not to mention they give you valuable experience that employers seek.

The Ole Miss Business School is here to provide resources and guidance throughout your internship search.

What is an internship?

An internship is a hands-on work experience that is directly related to your career interests. It can be paid or unpaid, full or part-time, and can take place during the summer or academic year. The benefit to you is a practical, real-world experience that provides an understanding of different industries, career fields and employers. You can apply your academic talents in the “working world” and develop new skills. An internship also provides valuable networking opportunities

How do I prepare for my internship search?

Establish specific goals. Determine two or three potential career fields that are compatible with your interests, skills and values. For assistance, visit the Career Center in 303 Martindale to complete career assessments that can help you determine your career interests, skills, and values.
✓ Get involved in campus organizations related to career interests. Employers will look to student involvement and leadership as they decide on intern candidates. Student organization participation and contribution also provide you with skills and experience that you can highlight in your marketing materials.
Prepare your marketing materials. Update and target your resume to your interested career field. Learn how to write a cover letter. Sharpen your interviewing skills by practicing.
✓ Network with people in your fields of interest. Perform informational interviews and network with alumni, faculty, family, friends, past internship supervisors and employers. Use a variety of resources including LinkedIn and the Ole Miss Alumni Association.
✓ Identify, research and initiate contact with potential employers. Make a targeted list of employers. Search employer databases to find organizations by industry and geographic location. Create a list of employers of interest and contact them directly to inquire about openings (if not posted). Apply to openings with a targeted resume and cover letter.
✓ Follow up with all contacts. It is your responsibility to follow up with employers within a week or two after applying for a position. Be polite and professional and keep it short.
✓ Get organized and stay on schedule. An internship search can last anywhere from 3-6 months, so schedule time into your week on a regular basis. Think of your internship search as another class. Create a system to track your progress, i.e. spreadsheet or filing system. List employers of interest, networking
contacts, important dates, and follow-up items.
✓ Attend internship workshops and panels. Check your College Central Network account for dates and times.

Internship Support Fund

The funds can be used to offset airfare, ground transportation, lodging, or other internship-related expenses for those interning away from Oxford or their hometown. The funding amount will depend on the level of financial need and the location of your travel. The amount of funds available each year will vary depending on funding availability.

If you are a finalist for the funds, you will be selected to interview with the Career Prep Team.

Experiential education

Experiential Education is the process of “learning by doing”.  Aside from internships, there are a variety of ways to gain valuable experiences for your career goals including participating in student organizations and study abroad experiences.

Other ways you can build experience is through remote work, skill development training, volunteering, and networking. The following are resources and strategies for ways to develop professionally and build experience.