Many of our students pursue internships to apply their educational knowledge and skills in a workplace. Students can pursue an internship with no specific academic requirements or qualifications that you must meet to accept an internship. You and the employer determine the job responsibilities and time commitment. Or, you may enroll in the BUS 300 internship class to receive academic credit. Please speak with your academic advisor for more details.

How do Ole Miss Business students find internships?

How do Ole Miss Business Students find internships?

  1. College Central Network is the Ole Miss Business School’s job and internship database and is
    utilized to post jobs, internships, and other career related information for students pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. Click on “My School’s Jobs” to search for internships posted specifically for the business school.
  2. Handshake is the University of Mississippi’s online job and internship database and it is available to all Ole Miss students and alumni. Click “Jobs” on the top then select “Internship” under “Job Type” on the right. Select additional filters to narrow down search.
    • Vault (Click “Career Center”→Resources). Resource for in-depth intelligence on top jobs and internships.
    • Going Global (Click “Career Center”→Resources). Resource for international jobs and internships.
  3.  LinkedIn
    Student Jobs and Internships: – Filter “Experience Level” to “Internships” to view over 50,000 internships.
    • Network with Ole Miss Alumni: (Search bar→ University of Mississippi→See Alumni) – Network with
    alumni based off Geographic Location, Industry, and Company.
  4. Websites:,,,,,, and are just a few websites that compile internship postings.
  5. Federal Government:,,,,
  6. Disney:;
  7. Campus and Networking Resources:
    • Part-Time Job and Internship Fair (School of Business): (College Central Network→Events)
    • Career Fairs and other Career Events (University): (Handshake→Events)
    • Washington/New York/Atlanta Internship Experience
    • Campus Networking Events (University, Career Center, Ole Miss Alumni Association, School of
  8. Internships Abroad Program Type “Internship Abroad”

Internships: Credit or Non-Credit? Whether or not an internship is paid or unpaid, with or without credit, it offers you a wonderful learning experience.

Academic Credit Internships

The School of Business offers a 3 credit hour course – BUS 300 – for internships (Z-grade = pass/fail). You can receive BUS 300 credit for an internship if you:

  1. You will be working at your internship for at least 180 hours during the term AND
  2. You will be working at your internship for at least 9 weeks, with 6 out of 9 weeks of overlap with the summer term or 9 out of 15 weeks of overlap with fall & spring terms.
  3. You are not enrolled in any other internship courses at the same time.
  4. You have Junior or Senior standing (If you are not yet a Junior, your application will be considered if you send a formal letter detailing how your prior work experiences – duties, responsibilities, and skills – and specific courses have prepared you for this internship to in addition to completing the College Central Network for Ole Miss Business application)
  5. You are in good academic standing during the semester of the internship.
  6. You will take no more than 9 credit hours of coursework over and above the 3 credit hours for BUS 300 during the fall/spring semester (maximum 12 hours) or 6 credit hours in the summer (includes first, second and full summer, but not intersessions –maximum 9 hours).
    EXCEPTION: You may take 3 additional hours during the term (total of 15 in spring/fall and 12 in summer) if: – Your resident GPA is 3.2 or above OR
    – You can graduate at the end of the term with these 3 additional hours (need verification by Advising Office)
  7. You apply to register for the BUS 300 course prior to starting your internship and pay the tuition for this course. 

Check out the Internship Syllabus: BUS 300 Internship Syllabus