Matt Eddy: A Person of Action

Eddy Matt1

Matt Eddy, a marketing major at the Ole Miss Business School, recently founded the university’s first Rotaract Club, an offshoot of Rotary International. There are 10,904 clubs, represented in 184 countries with 250,792 members ranging from 18 to 30 in age, serving their communities in various ways. The first interest meeting of the Ole Miss chapter is Monday, Oct. 28 at the Student Union at 5:30 p.m. in Room 326.

Recently, Matt noticed an opportunity for students to give back in the community while enhancing their professional profile and decided to start the club. Rotaract offers many great opportunities for skill development and networking within your areas of interest that will help you build your career.

“My involvement with Rotary and Rotaract are continuing to help shape me and will be an important part of my life going forward in my career. I have had numerous opportunities to meet with local businessmen and women who encourage Rotaracters to become the next generation of CEOs and innovators.”

As a recent transfer student, Matt appreciates the faculty and the resources of the business school that have helped him to grow professionally as well as provide him with real-world knowledge of how the corporate world works. With the combined help of various resources, he acquired an internship this semester with Parker-Hannifin in Batesville, Mississippi.

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