Survey Shows Ole Miss Students are “Career Ready”

The Ole Miss Business School worked with Skill Survey to measure students’ career readiness. Insight into how proficient students are in the skills required to succeed in today’s workplace was discovered.  Supervisors and coworkers rated the most valued soft skills of Ole Miss student interns. Students were rated on twenty-eight behaviors in eight competencies.

Skill Survey used data collected from 170 universities nationwide. Compared to students nationally, 53% of Ole Miss students’ ratings fell in the top two levels: advanced or accomplished. The National average was 40%.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers has eight career readiness competencies. Each competency is demonstrated in a variety of ways. Ole Miss business students scored highest in equity and inclusion, teamwork and professionalism.

Top rated behaviors seen in Ole Miss students were:

  1. Treat other people, including those of different backgrounds, beliefs, and gender, with fairness and respect
  2. Act in accordance with the highest possible standards of ethics and integrity
  3. Accept feedback without becoming angry or defensive, and use it to strengthen future performance
  4. Build strong, positive working relationships with supervisor and team members/coworkers
  5. Show a high level of dedication toward doing a good job

An overwhelming 98% of supervisors said they would work with our students again. The Business Connect program is ready to help your company/organization connect with career-ready Ole Miss business students. Please contact Tyler Meisenheimer at to discuss your talent acquisition goals.

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