Student Spotlight: Caleb Rippé

Caleb Rippé, a senior majoring in Business Management with an emphasis in International Business Management and a minor in Spanish, is on the brink of embarking on his professional journey. Throughout his time at university, Caleb has been presented with numerous career opportunities, facilitated by programs such as BASE Summit and Career Treks.

With over five different career paths laid out before him, Caleb meticulously navigated his options, leveraging the resources provided by the Career Services team, including BASE Sales Competition, Interview Rooms in Business Connect, and appointments with career advisors like Wesley Dickens and Meg Barnes. These experiences culminated in Caleb securing his dream job with the ATT B2B Sales Program, a feat made possible through the connections he cultivated during career treks.

Reflecting on his journey, Caleb emphasizes, “Using all the resources that the School of Business provides me with allowed me to secure my dream job.” His dedication to leveraging every opportunity presented to him speaks volumes about his commitment to professional growth and success in the field of international business management.

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