Mr. James R. Flanders

Program Coordinator, General Business Program

James Flanders is a Management Instructor and Program Coordinator of the General Business Program at the University of Mississippi’s School of Business Administration. He manages all aspects of the General Business and General Business-Online programs. He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel serving over 22-years in the Army, primarily as Logistics Officer. He has been with the University of Mississippi since October 2016.

James specialized in leadership, planning, and process management. He has extensive experience leading and managing people. He worked daily with the development of policy and improvement of processes to achieve more effective and efficient results; managed staffs and units at multiple levels; and interfaced daily with various units and departmental organizations coordinating strategic and operational level logistics.

He holds a Master of Science in Logistics Management from Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, from Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas.