Career Prep Team Assistance a Must

Ryan Brown, a senior Finance major from Sacramento, CA, has utilized the Career Preparation Office to assist in the internship and job search.  Brown stated, “The career prep office has been a great resource for me throughout my 4 years here at Ole Miss. When I was searching for an internship junior year, I reached out to Wesley Dickens (Assistant Director of Experiential Education in the Career Preparation Office). Mr. Dickens gave me a collection of great resources to help prepare me for the interview process, connected me with various students who had obtained internships, and was a huge supporter for me over the last two years. One of the people that Mr. Dickens introduced me to has become one of my best friends here at Ole Miss and he is one of the reasons that I have a full-time position secured at Stephens Investment Bank after graduation. The best part about the career prep office is that they truly want to help and see students succeed. They can put you in contact with the right people and can tell you about great career opportunities. The career prep office lists job and internship opportunities almost every single week. In my personal opinion, everyone should utilize the career prep office and take advantage of the amazing resources, opportunities, and the great supportive people who deeply care about student success here at the University of Mississippi. I am extremely thankful for all that Mr. Dickens and his team have done for me and the other students at Ole Miss. I wouldn’t be in the position I am today without them.”

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