Business School Intern Reflects on Her Experience

Claire Sahs, a senior from Dripping Springs, Texas, is majoring in marketing with an emphasis in sales and a minor in entrepreneurship. She was recently chosen by the School of Business Administration faculty as this year’s Outstanding Undergraduate Marketing Student. In December, she will be graduating a semester early and looks forward to entering the field of corporate sales at the beginning of the new year.

“I am naturally gifted in sales, and I enjoy it very much,” she said. “The world of sales is very broad and diverse, and the opportunities are endless. I like the idea of my income matching my work ethic, and for women, sales are the great equalizer in the corporate world.”

This year will mark Claire’s third year as a marketing intern for the School of Business’s manager of marketing and communications. As an intern, Claire writes student profiles for the school’s social media. She also covers events such as the Dean’s banking symposium, BASE Boot Camp, and more. Additionally, she was chosen to write one of the two “Journey to Commencement” articles featured on the Ole Miss website.

“I also got the opportunity to have a byline in our annual Business First magazine,” she said. “Having a published writing sample to hand to potential employers will absolutely set me apart from other candidates and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.”

Claire also works for the School of Business Advising Office as a School of Business Ambassador, where she has had the pleasure of delivering presentations to both prospective and incoming students. Lastly, she assists the Dean with prospective students and their parents by providing a student’s perspective of the business school.

Claire is a proud member of the business school because “it feels like its own little community. The professors at the business school want to see you succeed and go above and beyond to help you get there. The amount of support the school gives you is unreal.”

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