Being Involved and Getting Prepared

Amelia Murphee is currently a senior majoring in management. Although she did not start her academic career as a business major, Amelia has found the Ole Miss business school has afforded her countless opportunities to further her self-development both professionally and personally. She is the Vice President of Professional Development for Alpha Kappa Psi and is also a founding member of Pi Sigma Epsilon. Amelia will be interning with Gartner this summer. She credits her business school professors and staff members for preparing her to excel in her summer internship and future career.

“There has never been a time when I felt a lack of support or guidance at the School of Business Administration,” she said. “Dr. Julia Welch and Keith Morris bring real-world business knowledge into the classroom for an unforgettable learning experience. Kim Phillips, academic counselor, has become a mentor and friend who offered me support, encouragement, and sometimes a good push that I did not know I needed. Wesley Dickens, Assistant Director of Career Preparation for Experiential Education’ has been a wonderful support system and resource in navigating the difficulties (and confusion) of career preparation.”

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