Congratulations! You’re taking a positive step for your future by participating in an internship experience. Internships provide you with an opportunity for both personal and professional growth, not to mention they give you valuable experience that employers seek.

The Ole Miss Business School is here to provide resources and guidance throughout your internship search.

Internship Resources

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Academic Credit Internships

The School of Business offers a 3 credit hour course – BUS 300 – for internships (Z-grade = pass/fail). You can receive BUS 300 credit for an internship if you:

  1. Work at the internship at least 180 hours during the semester
  2. Have Junior or Senior standing (If you are not yet a Junior, your application will be considered if you send a formal letter detailing how your prior work experiences – duties, responsibilities, and skills – and specific courses have prepared you for this internship to in addition to completing the College Central Network for Ole Miss Business application)
  3. Are in good academic standing during the semester of the internship
  4. Will not be taking more than 9 credit hours of coursework over and above the 3 credit hours for BUS 300 during the fall/spring semester (maximum 12 hours) or 6 credit hours in the summer (maximum 9 hours)
  5. Apply to register for the BUS 300 course prior to starting your internship and pay the tuition for this course. If you are interested in applying for BUS 300 course credit and meet the requirements, please download the application instructions (pdf) and review the BUS 300 Internship Syllabus (pdf)