LeadershipServ Program Strenghtens Leadership Skills

LeadershipServ’s™: Excellence in Servant Leadership Program was offered through Communiversity at the University of Mississippi last spring. The program focused on psychological and business techniques to help participants understand the areas in which they could improve to benefit their followers and strengthen their business outcomes.  The program was recognized for UM’s 2021 Excellence in Community Engagement Award.

Jeremy Meuser, assistant professor of management, was instrumental in developing the program in partnership with Jarvis Smallfield, of University of Illinois, and Donald Kluemper and Daniel Cervone of University of Illinois at Chicago.

“I had this moment of clarity where I said, ‘OK, leadership matters for the well-being of organizations, which means the well-being of the economy, which means the well-being of society, which means for the well-being of individuals, their ability to live and their mental health,’” Meuser said.

The two-day online course focused on training more effective leaders. Participant learned about servant leadership and how it ultimately benefits business outcomes.  Better work life balance along with improved team and individual performance are the desired results of servant leadership.

Locally, the program was presented to Leadership Lafayette in February and will be available as part of the Big Bad Business Series, an entrepreneurial development initiative born out of a partnership between the Oxford-Lafayette County Economic Development Foundation and the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council.

LeadershipServ will also be presented in several business classes this semester.  If you are interested in participating in the program, plans are being made for the program will be offered to the public through Communiversity.   Information on Communiversity offerings can be found online at www.outreach.olemiss.edu/communiversity/