Mr. Blake Dubinski

Adjunct Instructor of Management; Entrepreneur in Residence

Originally from Kansas City, Blake graduated from the University of Mississippi with a B.B.A in Management in 2013. After a brief stint in Pharmaceutical Sales, he returned to Ole Miss and completed his MBA in 2015. After graduate school, Blake was offered a teaching position within the School of Business at the University of Mississippi. In this role, Blake taught several classes including Business Communications, Principles of Management, Strategic Management, and more. Since 2019 Blake has served as the Entrepreneur in Residence for the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) within the School of Business. In the Entrepreneur in Residence role Blake is responsible for administrative duties for the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, mentoring student entrepreneurs, and teaching Venture Finance and Business Venturing. 

Before joining the CIE, Blake co-founded GenTeal, a men’s apparel line that is currently distributed to 140 retailers across the US. Having always been interested in Entrepreneurship, Blake has been able to translate his experiences from his role with GenTeal to his Entrepreneur in Residence role within the CIE. Blake shares CEO responsibilities with business partner Brice Noonan in addition to handling some of the “front end” responsibilities including marketing and sales activities and financial reporting obligations. Brice and Blake have been able to combine their unique experiences to grow GenTeal with tremendous success.